Cmder (ConEmu)

1 - Configuration

1.1 - Location

mklink /D "C:\cmder\config" "C:\Dropbox\config\Cmder"

The launcher copies the conEmu.xml file into cmder\vendor\conemu-maximus5\ConEmu.xml so it does not get overwritten. See cmderdev/cmder/issues/695

1.2 - Bash

In order to get bash started in the current directory:

C:\cmder\vendor\git-for-windows\bin\bash.exe  -new_console:d:%CMDER_START%

2 - Just for the record

ConEmu settings storage

conEmu -loadcfgfile “full-path-2-xml”

3 - Root

# The root path
# is

4 - Support

4.1 - Bash and slash

If a parameter has a /, it seems that it replace it with

Example: with the following parameter /mediawiki/page/title (an Xpath), I got in return C:/cmder/vendor/git-for-windows/mediawiki/page/title

One work around is to use two slashes //


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