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1 - About

The range of memory that can be addressed is called an address space.

It is the total number of uniquely-addressable memory locations

Same as IO - Address Space in memory. ?


3 - Hierarchy

3.1 - Physical

3.2 - Virtual

The two kind of physical memory addressing model may be paged creating a virtual memory address space.

When an application starts with an OS, creating a process, it gets its own chunk of virtual memory called the process address space.

4 - Glossary

4.1 - Physical

4.2 - Virtual

4.3 - Linear

A linear address space is the linear address space of the processor

4.4 - Segment

A segment address space is all the address that can be contained in a segment. It's called a logical address space

4.5 - Logical

A logical address space is also known as a segment.

5 - Property

5.1 - Continuous

A continuous address space is an address space seen as one sequence of address.

A linear address space is one continuous address space example.