Version Scheme - Semantic versioning (Semver)

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1 - About

Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Version format of X.Y.Z (Major.Minor.Patch).

Semantic versioning requires that versions with breaking changes must increment the major version number. For example, a library that removes a public function after its 3.5.8 release must bump its version to 4.0.0 in its next release.


3 - Example

For example, if your library has:

  • a major release version of 1,
  • a minor release version of 2
  • and point release version of 3

the version would be 1.2.3.

4 - Release Status

Semantic versions can also have alphanumeric qualifiers which are often used to denote release status.

An example of such a qualifier would be a version like “1.2.3-BETA” where BETA signals a stage of testing meaningful to consumers of a software component.