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JDBC - Oracle @lang:java:jdbc
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onnection ==== To initiate a connection from the Java application, you use the Connection object from the JDBC application programming interface (API). In Java, you use an instance of the DataSource object to get a connection to the database. <wrap warnin... returns a physical connection to the database. <code java> // Methode to create a connection public void ge... ta and then provide literal values at run time. <code java> OraclePreparedStatement pstmt = conn.prepareStat
Java @lang:java
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velopers more productive. It is a modern, robust, object-oriented language. Java’s unprecedented popularity stems from the followi... * Applications Can Be Developed As Components - Java offers a component model, [[lang:java:bean|JavaBeans]], that allows applic... lopers. Enterprise JavaBeans extend the component model for Java to [[lang:java:server-side_component|server-side components]]. T... d write) than languages such as C and C++ because Java doesn't use [[code:type:pointer|pointers]]. ===== Articles Relate
Java XML - XStream (Xml, Json) @lang:java:xml
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Sax ===== XStream works on a stream-based parser model, while [[lang:java:xml:jaxp:sax|SAX]] is event-based. The [[lang:java:io:stream|stream]] based model implies, that the caller consumes the individual to... ippets ===== ==== Class ==== === Aliasing === <code java> xstream.alias("className", myClass.class); </code> ==== Field ==== === Aliasing === <code java> xstream.aliasField("targetFieldName",
Java - java.util.logging @lang:java
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er that buffers log records in memory. Example: <code java> // The pattern "%t" means the system temporary ... the handler, there is another parameter.</wrap> <code java> // Request that every detail gets logged. logger... onsole Handler == Which kinds of event are shown <code java> Handler consoleHandler = new ConsoleHandler(); c... ive a hierarchical string formatted as a package <code java> public class myClass { private static final
JavaServer Faces (JSF) @lang:java:jsf
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.:pojo|POJO]] chocolate (the model object). * [[code:java:model_object|model objects]] which are Managed beans not tied to JSF... rties that are associated with the components. <code java> package hello; import javax.faces.bean.ManagedB... ring getworld() { return world; } } </code> The @ManagedBean [[..:annotation|annotation]] re... ad of [[..:jsp|JavaServer Pages (JSP)]]. {{lang:java:jsf:jsf_preferred_page_language_netbeans.jpg?|}}
Android - Sync Manager Framework (SyncAdapter) @android
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t happens when a sync occurs (network code, ...) <code java> public final String LOG_TAG = MySyncAdapter.clas... tells the system to perform a sync immediately. <code java> /** * Helper method to have the sync adapter sy... to schedule the sync adapter periodic execution <code java> public static void configurePeriodicSync(Context... equest a sync, you need a sync account to login. <code java> /** * Helper method to get the fake account to
Java - Java API for XML Binding (JAXB) - (Un)Marshaller @lang:java:xml:jaxb
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It uses annotations to bind XML documents to a java object model. Located under the javax.xml.bind package. It generates Java code from a [[markup:xml:schema|schema]] and you are a... BContext class defined in package javax.xml.bind <code java> public abstract class JAXBContext { static final... .newInstance(String contextPath) factory method. <code java> JAXBContext jc = JAXBContext.newInstance( "com.a
J2EE - Session Bean @lang:java
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know that the Bean is a stateless session bean. <code java> package com.gerardnico.ejb; import javax.ejb.*; ... ses a no-interface view to clients. For example: <code java> @Session public class MyBean { ... } </code> *... erprise bean as a @Local interface. For example: <code java> @Local public interface InterfaceName { ... } </... cal and specify the interface name. For example: <code java> @Local(InterfaceName.class) public class BeanNam
JPA - Entity Annotations @jpa
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to create [[entity|entities]] that contain [[orm|object-relational mappings]] by using [[lang:java:annotation|(metadata) annotations]] rather than [... escriptors (orm.xml)]] as in earlier versions. {{code:java:jpa_mapping_method.jpg?|}} JPA contains two typ... equirement for every JPA entity. === @Table === <code java> @Table(name = "OWNERS", catalog = "", schema = "... ng the setParameter() method on a Query object. <code java> @NamedQueries({ @NamedQuery(name = "
Java - File @lang:java:io
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me might not even exist.</wrap> * In [[nio|the Java nio model]], a file is uniquely identified by a [[path|path]] object. * In [[]], file instances represent file or directory names. <code java> File f = new File("myFileName.txt"); </code> ==== Creation ==== with the [[nio|nio library]] <code java> Path path = Paths.get("target/example.txt"); Fil... ileReader|FileReader]] use the default encoding. <code java> FileReader fileReader = new FileReader(file); Fi
Java - Data Access Object (DAO) Pattern @lang:java
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====== Java - Data Access Object (DAO) Pattern ====== ===== About ===== Many applications need to use [[data:persistence:persistence|persistent data]]. The [[code:design_pattern:dao|Data Access Object (DAO)]] Pattern is aimed to minimize the direct d... oabstractfactorypattern.jpg?|}} ==== Client ==== <code java> ... // create the required DAO Factory DAOFactor... </code> ==== Factory ==== === Definition === <code java> // Abstract class DAO Factory public abstract cl
OBIEE 11G - In-Place Upgrade - Patch Set Installation from version to version @dat:obiee
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d process (WebLogic Servers, Node Manager, OPMN) <code> net stop "beasvc bifoundation_domain_bi_server1"... _MiddelwareHome_wlserver_10.3)" -- Node Manager </code> <wrap tip>Verify that the process (beasvc.exe, .... ic:patch|patch it]]. You have also to change the JAVA_HOME of [[.admin:11g:bi-init|bi-init]]. ===== Pa... -help" command). First for [[weblogic:mds|MDS]] <code> MiddelwareHome\Oracle_BI1\bin>psa -dbConnectStri
WebSite Heatmap Index
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ges\\code\\grammar,34 pages\\code\\lang,13 pages\\code\\object,7 pages\\code\\property,4 pages\\code\\quality,5 pages\\code\\shipping,24 pages\\code\\test,11 pages\\code\\type,21 pages\\code\\version,0 pa
Jdbc - Rowset @lang:java:jdbc
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t ===== A RowSet is an extension of a [[ResultSet|Java ResultSet]]. Like a result set, a rowset is a Java object that holds tabular data. A RowSet object is **sc... a network. ==== Serializable ==== A RowSet object is a [[lang:java:bean|JavaBeans]] component, and it may operate wi... notification ==== RowSet objects use the [[lang:java:bean#event model|JavaBeans event model]], in which registered components are notified wh... ===== CachedRowSet ===== ==== Populate ==== <code java> CachedRowSetImpl crs = new CachedRowSetImpl(); c
JPA - Entity (Managed Classes) @jpa
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lass: Generating (Mappings|JPA entities) from an (Object Model|[[lang:java:pojo|POJO]]) classes (by providing annotations) i.e. a Top-Down development scenario. {{code:java:jpa_tools_eclipse_oepe.jpg?|}} Example of [[lang... jo|POJO]] from where you can generate an entity. <code java> package; import j... ter field access entity generation is annotated. <code java> package; import j
Ant - (Writing|Developing) a task @ant
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Javascript (Js|ECMAScript) @web:javascript
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JPA - How to model a @Many-to-Many Relationship ? @jpa
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Tree - Composite (Design Pattern) @data:type:tree
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JPA - Getting Started - Hello World @jpa
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SAP GUI Scripting @sap
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Maven - Directory Structure (Project) @maven
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Java - Xml @lang:java:xml
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Jenkins - (Java) API (Object Model) @jenkins
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Resource Description Framework (RDF) @application
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JPA - API (Programming Model) @jpa
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Excel - Object @db:excel
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Java - Jetty (Web Server) @lang:java:jetty
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JSF - (Managed Bean|Controller) @lang:java:jsf
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Maven - pom.xml - Project Object Model @maven
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SAP HANA - Core Data Service @db:hana
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Web - (Web Service|Webservice) @web:service
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Maven @maven
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I/O - Stream @io
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